New Silk Roads

Exploding Cities

I was a graphics intern for New Silk Roads, a project exploring urban growth in Asia. I worked on a part of the project called Exploding Cities, which used Flash to simulate the rapid growth of cities in Asia. I collected and traced city maps in Illustrator, matched them to recent satellite imagery of the cities, and animated them in Flash.

New Silk Roads was on display in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Castille and Leon, in Spain.

More information about New Silk Roads is available at their website.

Click on each city to see its animation.


New Delhi



Hong Kong



Watcher vs Watched

This is an interactive Flash Project that reverses the roles between human and computer. Instead of a human user running commands on a computer, the computer is the one watching the motions of the person. This project refers to the idea that all of our actions on a computer or the internet leave digital traces and can ultimately be tracked. Furthermore, attempts to close the window by clicking the 'X' buton only makes the computer face larger and more prominent. The project restarts after 3 clicks of the 'X' button.

Click the image of the computer to begin.

Project done in: Adobe Flash


Computer vs You

This project explores the relationship between computer and user. The more a user is immersed in a computer, the more the computer gets between (literally) him/her and other activities such as sleeping or eating. The objective of the project is to beat the computer to some routine activities. If you fail and click on the computer instead, an error chord results. If you do succeed, the activity only duplicates itself on the screen, symbolizing a never-ending series of tasks. The project ends when the user gets fed up and exits.

Look for start button in top left corner of the black box

Project done in: Adobe Flash